Interactive, Engaging, Revolutionary… Campus TV 360 represents a unique and innovative new form of broadcasting that aims to bring the types of media popular with today’s young students & young professionals directly to their televisions in a way never before seen through traditional mediums.

By media experts, for media lovers… Campus TV 360 focuses on the hottest content available today from extreme sports to local and international music scenes. However, we recognize we can only be as good as our programming allows us to be – which begins with you, the viewer. Campus 360 TV has opened its doors to our audience through the incorporation of social media into our broadcasting platform.

Unlike traditional television… Campus TV 360’s programming is based on what our viewers are saying. Tweet to us – Like or Share us on Facebook – Send us an E-mail… Campus TV 360 is your channel, your content, and based on your interests so we are able to deliver 360 degrees of today’s best media entertainment. We want to hear from you!

We’ve already begun thinking outside the box… Campus TV 360 is a strong supporter of local arts. Are you in a band, or are you a performing DJ, bring a great sound to the table and have a video? We believe that record labels should not be an obstacle to being seen and heard, and even if you are associated with a major label, getting yourself airtime and exposure to a demographic you’d like to connect with can be tricky and expensive. Campus TV 360 would love to hear from you – and we would love nothing more than to include you in our broadcasting lineup. Simply go to our upload portal, create an account, and send us what you have.

Now… we can’t use everything, we are bound by the same broadcasting standards as traditional television. We require a higher definition video than what you filmed on your cell phone, and while we respect artistic expressions, promoting violence, illicit behavior, excessive profanity, and nudity do not have a place in our programming. So be sure to read through the requirements and agreements prior to creating your account and uploading your media.

Campus TV 360 is an ever-evolving, ever-growing presence so stay tuned and reach out to us at anytime to let us know how we’re doing.